WP Engine Review

General Review of WP Engine

This is a fast hosting with a great customer service. WP Engine is specially designed for WordPress users, and their fast and efficient customer service is not only knowledgeable in that CMS. They have a backup system including daily backups and staging area, which you can use to restore with a single click at any point while developing the website.

  • Advantages: Hosting speed, customer support, WordPress knowledge
  • Disadvantages: Monthly price is $29 instead of the $10 or so from other hosting services. However, it’s worth the price.
Our Score 
Price5 Stars Hosting
Service5 Stars Hosting
Features5 Stars Hosting
Total5 Stars Hosting

1. Technical Features

  • WordPress-optimized: WP stands for WordPress. Brands like Yelp, National Geographic, PBS, Asana, FourSquare, SoundCloud, etc use WP Engine as their WordPress-hosting option. It’s not just because.
  • Speed: WP Engine has Automatic Caching. They can speed up your website for you by caching all pages on their end.
  • Scalability: WP Engine offers plans from Shared to Dedicated, easy transfer fro one to another.
  • Domain: 1 year of Domain free of charge (www.example.com).
  • Free SSL Certificate: This is what can make your website look like “Safe” or “Trusted” Content.

2. Security

WP Engine is well protected against hackers, by default. Besides that, they include:

  • Daily backups. With WP Engine, your data safe. They do an automatic daily backup once a day, and users have one-click restore points.
  • One-click staging. Before any scary change, with WP Engine you can take a “snap” of you website, which is a complete copy that is placed in a separate safe area. Then you can do any change without going live, until you are satisfied with the results – only then you can apply all changes live, or go back to the copy you had. Peace of mind with no additional charge.
  • Inbuilt Security Checks

3. Plans and Pricing

The simplest WP Engine plan starts at $29/month. This includes all you need to have a WordPress website: a domain, a database, 10GB of storage, etc. WP Engine also has upgraded plans for $99/month (for up to 10 installs and 20GB) and $249/month (for up to 25 installs and 30 GB of storage).

It is not one of the cheapest hosting, but it offers an extreme good value for the money.

Storage10 GB20 GB30 GBCustomizedCustomized
Server TypeSharedSharedSharedVPSDedicated
SQL Databases11025CustomizedCustomized
Price$29$99$249Higher - Call for QuoteHigher - Call for Quote

4. Support

Customer Service fast and efficient: We tried many Hosting services – their customer service is on top. WordPress experts are easy to find here.