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Do you want to know which is the best hosting to host your website? You came to the right place. On Top Best Hostings we have reviewed the main web hosting companies (from USA and worldwide) and we offer you our rankings in a simple way, so you can choose the web hosting service that best fits your needs.


Besides the quick comparison between main hosting portals, we also offer you a more extended review of each service, so it can help you decide. On Top Best Hostings you can also leave your comments; if you tried any web hosting companies, please leave your comment so other people can benefit from your experience. We hope our ranking helps you choose the best hosting for your website!

Web Hosting Comparison Table

RankingCompanyMonthly PriceRatingReviewWebsite
Top Web HostingsWP Engine$29.005 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsA2 Hosting$4.905 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsiPage$7.995 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsSiteGround$3.955 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsBluehost$3.955 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsDreamhost$10.955 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsHostgator$3.955 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsInMotion$5.995 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsLiquidWeb$59.005 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website
Top Web HostingsRackspaceVaries5 Stars HostingRead ReviewGo to Website

Who is Top Best Hostings for?

Our reviews can be useful for any person who wants his own website. However, we have created this website specially for entrepreneurs who wants to start a professional project on the Internet, or who already has it but are not happy with their current web hosting company.

What are you going to find in Top Best Hostings?

You will find 2 types of information:

1. Basic Information about everything you need to host a website with a success guarantee. We have a Glossary of Terms section so you can get familiarized with all the concepts, articles that explains in a simple way what hosting are, domain names, etc., and more advanced articles to learn the keys of choosing a web hosting which offers us all the guarantees… in conclusion, a complete guide to choose the best web hosting, the one that fits best your needs.

2. Our detailed reviews about the best web hosting companies and the top ranking.

With all this information, you will be able to reach a decision to get your hosting for your website.

How do I start?

If you don’t know anything about this topic, we recommend you start checking our Glossary of Terms to understand and get familiarized with the concepts, and 3 articles that explain all you need to know to start:

  1. What is a hosting and a domain name?
  2. What do I need to have a website?
  3. Shared or Dedicated Hosting

From there, or if you already know about this, you can read our more advanced (you can start by reading this one) or check our ranking table. and the individual reviews of each web hosting service (clicking the Review button on the same table).

What is exactly your web hosting ranking?

We have reviewed what for us are the current best options to host websites. We have created a ranking and we don’t recommend just one hosting, because there is no “best hosting company” in all aspects. It always depends on the needs and the economic possibilities of each person and project. Our ranking is created thinking what most people need to host an Internet project, but depending on your specific needs you may need to use one of the hostings that is down on the list. That’s why we recommend checking all reviews.

How do we create the hosting list?

We value their specifications, prices, users opinions and specially our opinion based on personal experience. We have tried all the hostings on the list, so we know what we are talking about. Also note we are only considering the best web hostings services. We haven’t listed any web hostings which quality is not up to our standards.

Which specific parameters do you value in web hosting providers?

On individual reviews we explain the pros and cons based on experience. At the end of each review we have an overview table, in which we include the specifications of each hosting plan. The best you can do to know what we value, is to actually read one of the reviews. for example, Hostgator’s review.

I have more questions!

You can use this contact form and we will reply as soon as we can. We are looking forward to your comments.

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Disclosure: Some website companies we review offer us economic compensation for the clients we send them. However, our reviews are based exclusively on our honest personal opinion and only the best companies are in our list.